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Kitchen Supreme™ Rabbit Wine Opener Bundle:


1. Impressive Rabbit Bottle Opener, made from Zinc Alloy, with copper plating, coming with its own stand, ideal for dinner among friends.

2. The Foil Cutter, simple, yet elegant, having the same copper plating and ideal for a quick bottle opening

3. The Drip Ring, to quickly catch the wild drops of wine, eager to run free.

4. The Wine Aerator, bringing a bit of oxygen and waking up the aroma.

5. The Bottle Plug, keeping wine fresh, allowing you to return to your passion later on, when the time is right.

6. One Extra Teflon Spiral, for switching from red to white wine, without affecting aroma.

7. The Incredible Wine Bible filled with stories & secrets from the wondrous world of wine.

8. The Instruction book, ready to unravel the right way of using the bottle opener.

9. A Deluxe, Engraved Wooden Box, adding that one bit of extra style & elegance so fitting for wine.

10. Because we care about the happiness of our clients, the Rabbit Bottle Opener has 5 Years WARRANTY. No Questions asked!

GENUINE : The Kitchen Supreme Rabbit Bottle Wine Opener will IMPRESS. With its IMPECCABLE, Unique design & Copper plating, being a fabulous choice for elegant dinners, this Rabbit Ears Wine Opener is the PERFECT partner for any wine enthusiast. Made from high quality Zinc Alloy having perfectly finished clamps, this Rabbit Corkscrew Wine Opener surprises you through its design and ease of use. Plus, we will provide you with a helpful video on how to CORRECTLY use the Rabbit Bottle Opener.

DANCE OF AROMAS : This Rabbit Wine Opener is ready to release a bouquet of incredible, rich aromas. Pulling the plug and driving it out of the bottle, strong, yet graceful, the flavors of the wine come dancing out. Placed on its stand, the Rabbit Ears Wine Opener will carefully watch over how, drop after drop, the wine slips into the glass and then start to spoil your sense with is amazing aroma.

IDEAL GIFT : What better way to SURPRISE your loved ones than by offering them the key to the select world of wine? Mother’s Day, Christmas, even Valentine’s Day, all are IDEAL occasions to offer someone you hold dear to your heart a wonderful gift. Beautifully packed, in an ENGRAVED Wooden box, this rabbit bottle opener will make a highly appreciated present and your gesture will certainly not pass unnoticed. Who would you buy it for?

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