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Kitchen Supreme™ Fidget Spinner Toy Bundle

*Must See "how to" Video Review Bellow*

1. The Incredible Fidget Spinner Toy, perfectly adapted for restless hands

2. The Fluorescent Green Silicon Wristband that glows in the dark

3. The Elegant PU & EVA black and gold, velvet padded zipper case

4. The Complete Fidget Book of Secrets

5. 5 Years WARRANTY for your Fidget Spinner! Because we trust our products

SUPERIOR & HIGH QUALITY: Having HYBRID Ceramic and STAINLESS STEEL bearings, lightweight and with an incredible design, the Fidget Spinner Toy is perfectly balanced, having a molded ABS frame, responsible for the IMPRESSIVE spinning speed & Si3N4 ceramic balls, all protected by a rubber shield, ensuring great time resistance.

NO MORE Fidgety hands: With this Spinner stress REDUCER, you can finally say goodbye to boredom, anxiety, even smoking and nail biting. Increase your FOCUS and concentration with the metal 360 Fidget Spinner Toy, PERFECT for adults & children.

PERFECT for ADD, ADHD & Autism: Because the Fidget Spinner spins with continuous high SPEED, the level of concentration and focus increases. This Fidget Toys Spinner calms the nerves and settles the mind, letting your creativity run wild. This 360 hand spinner toy is incredibly fun, becoming your faithful little pocket friend. Plus, it is SIMPLE to master! Continuous strikes to get the toy spinning! No Speed Limit! With the Wristband on it, this Fidget Toys Spinner will glow in the dark.

SURPRISES KEEP ON COMING: In an elegant black case, padded with velvet, the Fidget Spinner Toy comes together with an amazing looking FLUORESCENT wristband! Wondering what to do with it? Here’s a secret trick for you! Put the wristband on the fidget spinner, shut the lights and give the toy a spin. A strong one! Now enjoy the light show! It’s all for you! Wait, there’s more! We trust our spinner fidget, so we offer you a full product refund, no questions asked, no cost added.

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