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Kitchen Supreme™ Copper Mug Bundle

*Must See "how to" Video Review Bellow*

1. 2 Gorgeous 100% Real SOLID Copper Cups with a Hammered Finish and brass handles.

2. 2 High quality copper straws, to really savor each vodka drop.

3. 1 Copper shot glass – there is no stopping you when creating new, delicious cocktails!

4. 2 UNIQUE engraved wooden coasters for creating fun memories, without leaving marks behind.

5. The Book of Recipes, THE manual for copper mug users, just another gift so you can better enjoy the product.

6. A deluxe, black and golden gift box, matching the copper mugs in elegance.

7. Because we care about your satisfaction, the Kitchen Supreme Moscow Mule Copper Mug Bundle comes with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE! No questions asked!

VODKA AT ITS FINEST : The Kitchen Supreme Copper Mugs were indeed born with a clear intent, that of offering you the best vodka drinking experience of all! Why settle for something ordinary, when you can have something extraordinary? It is just a question of perspective and you can choose the right one!

A WORLD OF COCKTAILS : There is not just vodka in the world, but these Moscow Mule copper mugs can really recreate the elegance and sophistication of the experience, no matter the beverage! With the Book of Recipes on your side and the copper shot glass, go right ahead and free you imagination. Try numerous cocktails, some stronger than others and fight the cold, with a hot, sweet beverage from time to time, all from the same, incredible Kitchen Supreme Copper Cup!

TURNING PAST INTO PRESENT : These Copper Mugs proudly carry the elegance of golden times, being made from superior copper The Moscow Mule Copper Mugs will entice you with their appearance and dazzle you with the strength of Vodka taste!

GO BEYOND PURPOSE: The Kitchen Supreme Copper Mug Bundle is a pleasure purchase, because the product goes far beyond its purpose. Savor cocktails of all kinds, some strong and others carrying a delightful aroma, hot drinks, together with cold, summer beverages, all from the same cup. Once you find purpose, the adventure continues, as you discover pleasure! The pleasure of drinking from a royal cup, a true Moscow Mule Copper Mug!

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