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Charming Liquid Chalk Markers Set:

*Must See "how to" Video Review Bellow*

1. 10 Washable Liquid Chalk Markers with reversible tip (chisel for fine detail art work and bullet for free writing and coloring) filled with Natural, Rich and Professional Ink.

2. 8 unique Chalkboard Labels (self-adhessive, made from strong vinyl and removable with no mess behind) for jars, bottles, storage containers, boxes & More. The TOP RATED Labels on the market!

3. 2 Extra Fine Tips for the Pens (6 mm). After a wihle if you observe that the tip form your favorite colores becomes distorted, there is no need to worry, just use one of the replacement tips.

4. A real useful Complete Digital Guide (eBook) "Original and Inspiring ideas for using Chalkboard Labels”.

5. PROTECTION for YOUR INVESTMENT: Choosing the Kitchen Supreme Liquid Chalk Markers means protection for your investment ! BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: We have thousands of happy customers and a 4.9 from 5 Seller Feedback Rating (over 1.500 ratings) ! Our customers say that we have World Class Customer Service (check the seller feedback on Amazon.com)

After intensive research and tests with famous artists and crafters we have chosen for the Chalk Markers the most HIGH QUALITY FIBER for a FINE reversible TIP (chisel and round) and a Neon INK that is CONCENTRATED, BRIGHT and NATURAL. In order to help you Save Time, we prepared for you a Complete Bundle. One set for you and one for that special someone. Who would you buy it for?

SUPERIOR QUALITY, NOTHING LESS: The ultra fine broad tip is made from Durable Fiber. NATURAL & CONCENTRATED INK that enables smudge and fill the lines with CHARMING and RICH COLORES. FAST DRY writing. The Liquid Chalk Marker Pens are EASY and FUN to USE. No more worry about the cleanup. When the fun's over just wipe off the chalk markers paint to start again! WATER BASE - WIPES Off Easily. DUST FREE: Regular Chalk is not ideal for kids because of the dust and stain markings.

WIDE RANGE OF USES: It allows Kids to develop their creativity and skills. Attract more customers with eye catching Bistro & Menu Boards. Ideal for arhitects and artists that look for Professional Liquid Chalk Marker with a Fine Tip. Do you own a Business? Use these Set of Thin Chalk Markers for trainings and for drawing daily goals. A real help for home crafts, teachers & student projects. With these Neon Ink Pens you will transform all Events and Birthdays in delightful moments.

SMOOTH and VIBRANT Writing on Non-Porous surfaces like: Ceramic, Varnished Wood, Glass, Plastic, Whiteboards, Window Drawings, Vinyl Chalkboard Labels & Contact Paper, Stainless Steel, Mugs, Books, Non-porous Blackboard and Chalkboard and more.

! MUST-READ ! ALL CHALK MARKERS WILL BE DIFFICULT TO REMOVE IF USED ON POROUS SURFACES, INCLUDING MOST CHALK PAINT. You should ALWAYS test the Liquid Chalk Markers Pens in a small area first to make sure it will wipe off. If you are unsure then we suggest making a tiny mark, leaving it for 2 minutes in order to dry and then gently rubbing with a damp cloth and glass cleaning solution.

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