Experiencing Glamping in the US


 Glamping is another way of beating the boredom of living in a metropolis. After a week’s of stressful activities, glamping with some friends will be a worthwhile experience.


What is Glamping?

Glamping is another outdoor experience and is a popular alternative to a normal picnic.  It is like a camping in the country side, but, the twist is, it still has the basic amenities of a hotel room or, it is camping, mixed with luxury.


Comparison between glamping and camping

  1. In a glamping activity, the duration will last a few days, compared to camping, where it is always done at daytime.
  2. Glamping is always held in the country side, where it is near nature. It is a chance to experience being near the mountains and in the rural areas, but, keeping a bit of luxury in you.  On the other hand, camping usually held in parks nearby and usually ends before sunset.  
  3. Glamping is more comfortable, because of the availability of the basic amenities, such as water, electricity and many more. While in a camping you may just have to put a piece of cloth to set on, you can occupy a cottage, if there is nearby.
  4. Glamping needs more time to plan, because of the many things you need to consider, while in camping, all your concern is focus on your shelter and food, less the amenities.


A picnic backpack or a picnic basket for glamping

Whatever it is you need to attend to, you will need either a picnic backpack or a picnic basket set.  You can even have a picnic backpack for 2. This picnic backpacks have complete feature that can accommodate everything you need in a picnic, such as: Glasses, sets of spoon and fork and many more that are basic necessity in a picnic.  They are easily carried by people and the contents are always intact inside the backpack.  Meanwhile, a picnic basket set is almost open and the contents cannot be secured tightly.


The best picnic backpacks and picnic basket sets in the US

Finding the best of these accessories is easier when you go to a reputable dealer. 

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