Choosing the best location for a picnic in the US



The US is a land of many opportunities. These opportunities, does not only include business or employment, but, this includes recreational opportunities as well. This is the reason why there are many available places in the US that can serve as picnic areas, where people can spend more time together with their love ones.


The best location for a picnic

There are many locations in the US that are suitable for picnics.  Choosing the best place for picnic will depend on your preference.  Factors such as the people and the purpose will matter. 

  1. By the Beach. Picnic by the beach is good for those who love the sea. It is good to enjoy the food and at the same time set in the sand.  It is also fun to watch the beach goers around.  A beach picnic is better enjoyed, when the sun is out.  A beach picnic is not advisable for families with small children in tow.  If, there is a need for your children to come along, find a beach that has few visitors or picnic goers.
  2. By the Lake. Picnic by the lake is good for family and small groups as well. It is a good place, where children can enjoy biking around, with the guidance of their parents.  Lakes are also best, if you want to try fish in the side of the lake.
  3. By the Park. A park within the city is also a good place for a picnic. It is good for small groups and for a short duration only.  Picnics in the parks are good also, because, there are many food stores and restaurants, where they can buy their foods.

Accessibility is another factor that makes picnic in the park popular to many.


A picnic backpack or a picnic basket set?

This is often the cause of confusion to many picnic goers.  Here is a small comparison to both picnic accessories:

  1. A picnic backpack is flexible to use, compared to a picnic basket set. Picnic backpacks can be use in any other occasions.
  2. A picnic backpack is easy to handle. You can carry it hands free, while it hangs in your back.  On the other hand, a picnic basket set, will always be held by your hand.
  3. Easy to store. After each picnic, a picnic backpack can easily be store anywhere, as it can be folded.  On the other hand, a picnic basket set will occupy space.

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