Wine Bottle Opener

🍷PREMIUM Wine Corkscrew: 1 ZINC ALLOY Wine Bottle Opener with stand exquisite design, 1 Bottle Plug, keeping wine fresh, 1 Wine aerator which enriches your wine aromas, 1 Drip Ring for preventing stains & 1 Foil Cutter, for a FLAWLESS bottle opening, plus an EXTRA Teflon Spiral. Includes The Wine Bible & The Wine Opener Instructions, hard copies, all in an engraved Wooden Box.
🎁This Wine Openers Best Sellers Kit will IMPRESS. With its IMPECCABLE, Unique design & COPPER plating, being a fabulous choice for elegant dinners, this Wine Corkscrew is the PERFECT partner for any wine enthusiast. Made from high-quality Zinc Alloy having perfectly finished clamps, this lever corkscrew surprises you through its design and ease of use. Plus, we will provide you with a helpful video on how to CORRECTLY use the wine accessories.