Copper Mug

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Savor The Moscow Mule Cocktail From Your Copper Mugs!

Why stray from what has already been proven right? Wrap your fingers around the legendary Copper Mugs, made from 100% pure copper, to perfectly savor the strong taste of vodka, balanced with Ginger Beer and ice!

An embodiment of elegance, the hammered Copper Mugs create the perfect atmosphere for that moment of luxury, that moment you need to relish upon. Imagine sharing a story, while holding on to that strong brass handle, celebrating life and friendship with close mates.

Discovering the Past to make it Present!

These Copper Mugs proudly carry the elegance of golden times, being made from superior copper.

The Moscow Mule Copper Mugs will entice you with their appearance and dazzle you with the strength of Vodka taste!

Feel the jazz beats with each sip from your hammered copper mug!

Go back in time, join movie stars and celebrate the birth of the legendary Moscow Mule Cocktail. Bring the Moscow Mule Copper Mugs to the present.

Travel through time with the Copper Mugs, this time, undercover.

Bring the mugs into the future! The Kitchen Supreme Copper Mugs are perfect for all kinds of beverages, not just one cocktail, be it legendary!

Surprise your loved ones with a set of copper mugs

Savor all kinds of mischievous cocktails, as well as hot drinks with the same mug. Absolutely versatile and surprising, the Copper Mugs Set of 2 makes the Perfect Gift! Think Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, even Christmas!

Copper Cups always make a lovely present especially since this set comes in a Deluxe Gift Box. Now, all you need is the Vodka bottle and a few fun stories to share.

Copper Mugs are widely appreciated!

Wondering why you should invest in the Kitchen Supreme Moscow Mule Copper Mugs? Let's find out what is it about these incredible mugs.

Savor the Moscow Mule cocktail as only legendary stars do.

It only takes one sip of this fabulous Vodka Cocktail and your James Bond personality takes over. Trouble. Double trouble.

The taste of your drink is in no way altered!

The copper used in the making of these cups is of a high quality, leaving no after taste, durable and comes with tarnish-protect coating!

Discover all the interesting cocktails you could savor using this mug! Mix drinks and tell the stories! Cherish each moment to the fullest!

Everyone loves the Copper Mug! Why shouldn’t they?

Elegant, sophisticated and great to look at! These Copper Mugs are home to Moscow Mule, so they can handle fame!

No need to worry about the purchase!

You are making an investment, not a purchase! Indeed, we offer you a full replacement, no questions asked, no costs added!

These Copper Mugs are here to please! Not only do they carry incredible drinks, hot and cold, but they will rise to expectations.

World Class assistance will dazzle you! Just you wait and see!

Fast and effective, our happy and welcoming team will listen, understand and offer solutions! Always in your benefit.

A complete bundle is heading your way!

Lots of other, lovely treats! 2 perfectly resistant copper straws, 2 engraved wooden coasters and 1 copper shot glass in the deluxe gift box!

Technical Specifications

  • SUPERIOR & COMPLETE set of copper mugs: The Kitchen Supreme Moscow Mule Copper Mugs Set includes 2 Gorgeous 100% Real SOLID Copper Cups with Hammered Finish and brass handles + 2 high quality copper straws + 1 Copper shot glass + 2 UNIQUE engraved wooden coasters & the Moscow Mule Recipe book, HARD COPY, all packed in a DELUXE gift box.

  • AUTHENTIC: To ensure our customers with the AUTHENTIC Moscow Mule drinking experience, the Kitchen Supreme hammered Copper Cups & shoot glass and the straws are made from real copper, perfectly finished. With the special COATING, the mugs are time resistant and durable. You can prepare various cocktails, using the recipe book. The copper used is of a high quality and the taste will not be affected in any way.

  • PERFECT GIFT: Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Mother’s Day, all are great occasions to offer copper mugs! Use the mugs for your wedding or when hosting a party! Such a VERSATILE item really makes you think: Who would you buy it for?

  • TASTE the experience before anything else! With these Moscow Mule Mugs, the aromas of your beverage will mix better, creating a perfectly balanced cocktail. Keep your drink cool, to ENJOY its particular taste. Experience is king and the Copper Mug is the way to obtain it!

  • PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT: 5 Years WARRANTY for your Copper Mug Set. Kitchen Supreme is renowned for World Class customer service, thousands of happy customers and 100% Positive Seller Feedback on Amazon (over 7900 OUTSTANDING ratings). Because we trust the quality of our products, if something ever happens with your Moscow Mule Copper Mugs, WE WILL CHANGE IT immediately without any costs from your side.

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