French Press Coffee Maker

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It is said that the first ritual of the day is the highest leveraged ritual, by far. Why?

Because it has the effect of organizing your mind and most importantly, setting the context for the rest of your day. Coffee has our full and undivided attention starting early in the morning and even throughout the entire day.

This magical drink surrounds our every moment. It is there when we share memories with friends and family or when attending important meetings. Sometimes, it is there because we simply cannot function without a cup of coffee nearby, knowing that it is waiting to delight our senses and spoil our thoughts. Coffee knows so much about us, but we are still discovering this incredible drink.

If you’ve grown accustomed to a morning coffee-making ritual like all coffee enthusiasts do, then you will fall in love with the coffee made with the French Press. Since the coffee grounds are fully immersed in water and essentials oils are not filtered out, using a French Press will award you with a rich taste and creamy coffee that doesn’t compare with any other brewing methods.

Choose the French Coffee Press for a fresh start in the morning!

The scent of essential oils from coffee beans, the warm creamy aroma and the pure and bold taste from your cup of coffee will boost your creativity and dose of sharpness for the rest of the day!

Recreate the feeling of a Chic Café in your own home

With the Kitchen Supreme French Coffee Press, proudly watching over your kitchen, you will feel as if you were serving coffee or tea in one of the most elegant cafes in town. Enjoy the comfort of your home, while spoiling your taste buds with delightful beverages. Espresso, hot chocolate, cappuccino, tea infusions, frothed milk, your French coffee press has no limits. The French Press bundle will surprise you with its gifts. Discover the stainless steel unique spoon, perfect for adding sugar or honey to your beverage, the measuring scoop for a balanced taste, the instruction book to learn to play with the French Press Machine and the Barista’s Secrets Recipe Book, hiding tales of coffee!

Reunite with energy and happiness once more!

You used to be happy and full of energy, always ready for an adventure! Now, with all the stress and hard work, you seem to have lost yourself in worries, being always tired, exhausted!

Coffee can help you find your way home!

The recipe for a happy, healthy lifestyle is hidden in your coffee cup! Take the French Press and you can reconnect with your old self. This simple to use and to clean gadget, which manages to extract essential oils and trap all hidden aromas from coffee beans and tea leaves, is just the method you need to get your smile back!

The Impeccable French Press Glass

  • Kitchen Supreme is not one to settle for less. The French Press Coffee Maker has GERMAN Borosilicate Glass, the only type of glass strong enough to face high temperatures and come out a winner!
  • The STRONG & heat resistant French press CARAFE has successfully passed more than 50 quality inspections.

Coffee engineering at its finest

  • Now you get to really enjoy your coffee, without having to check the sink for lost parts of the French press machine. The improved plunger plate is reliable, super COMPACT and all its pieces are incredibly well connected.
  • Clarity in life and in coffee! Never again will you experience coffee grounds in your mouth due to the highly effective, professional 4-FILTER SCREEN SYSTEM.

A French Press user never goes back

  • Built to last, with a Premium STAINLESS STEEL frame, lid and plunger, your French Press will not rust, keeping you company for many, many years to come! This is definitely one ritual you will not have to give up!
  • Flavor matters more than anything! You will own the only French Press on Amazon with a DOUBLE ENCAPSULATED LID, Plastic Free, perfectly trapping and hiding aroma!

Technical Specifications

  • NEWEST Design! SUPERIOR French Press Bundle: The Coffee, Espresso and Tea Maker 1 Liter (about 8 small coffee cups or 4 coffee mugs) + 1 unique SPOON made from thick stainless steel + 4 FILTER screens (The only Coffee Maker with 4 Screens System for no more grounds in your coffee) + 1 Coffee/Tea SCOOP + HARD COPY Instruction Book and Barista's Recipes. CONFIDENCE: 5 YEARS WARRANTY

  • The only French Press with DOUBLE Stainless Steel encapsulated LID, PLASTIC FREE! Built to endure high temperatures to keep your fingers SAFE, fully sealed with just a slight twist of the lid to trap aroma. Carefully crafted using unbreakable GLASS, the thermal shock-resistant carafe is MADE IN GERMANY! 4 FILTER SCREENS for all types of coffee grounds - The French Coffee Press can be used as a Tea Infuser using the unique Stainless Steel Plunger System.

  • BEST French Press Coffee Machine for your delicate mornings. DELIGHT YOUR SENSES, all throughout the day, spoiling you with the fresh smell of essential oils from coffee beans and tea leaves. With the 4-FILTER SCREEN System of the Coffee Maker Machine you will OBTAIN a CREAMY, FOAMY, VELVETY and PURE coffee and tea.

  • VARIETY OF USES: The French Press can be used as a Coffee or Tea Press Pot and it is the best way to prepare coffee, tea, iced tea, frothed milk, hot chocolate, fruit infusions, almond milk, cashew milk, plant tinctures, lemonades, rinse Quinoa & More! SAVE TIME: This is the best choice for busy people! You will obtain an appetizing cup of coffee or tea in a few moments, having only coarse coffee grounds or tea leaves and water.

  • PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT & BUY WITH CONFIDENCE this French Press Coffee Maker. Kitchen Supreme is renowned for World Class customer service, thousands of happy customers and 100% Positive Seller Feedback on Amazon (over 8000 OUTSTANDING ratings). Because we trust the quality of our products, if something ever happens to your Coffee Press, WE WILL CHANGE IT immediately without any costs from your side.

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