Picnic Backpack

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With the Picnic Backpack on your shoulder, the story begins!

What is the BEST way of spending a beautiful day with your lovely family? Hide on the beach or in the forest, up on a hill, stress-free and far from the noise of the city! Grab the Picnic Backpack and follow the path! Nature’s welcoming you, closely watching over your feast!

No drop of rain, no city noises, only a shy breeze waiting to witness a PERFECT family moment, a memory just waiting to happen! Children are smiling while mom reaches for the Picnic Backpack and dad is playing with his angels! For a moment, the world stops, but not for long! It’s now time for a great feast! Don’t forget to take those pictures! After one picnic such as this, many more will come, you’ll see!

The Master of Feasts

Out of the portable Picnic Backpack, aromas and flavors eagerly jump out! With the complete tableware set for 4, no one is going to be left out of the feast! Proudly sitting in the detachable insulated cooler, your wine bottle is waiting to be opened, but why take it out?

Keep it cool and fresh, ideal for a romantic picnic or a family adventure! Spread the butter with the butter knife, add jam and enjoy a simple, yet delicious dessert! Taste the cheese right from the wooden chopping board, just like they would in Provence! But wait, where do all these goodies go? On the padded fleece blanket, between the smiles and curious looks of your children, set the feast and start your adventure!

A carefully planned picnic

Quality is a main concern and when dealing with food there is no joking around! Keep things fresh and tasty in the insulated Picnic Backpack. The detachable wine cooler makes a practical detail, which adds a bit of style to your outdoor family party!

Stainless steel cutlery, a beautifully designed padded fleece blanket, waterproof fabric for your Picnic Bag, high quality, durable plates and glasses for 4, all to serve your now and future needs! Memories last a lifetime, so why should the Picnic Backpack be any different? Your Picnic Cooler backpack will be there for many years to come, taking part in all adventures! Go explore the beach or the woods! As long as you take the picnic backpack with you, there’s always time for lunch!

Taste freedom and enjoy life wherever you wish to

Picnic in the middle of the city

In the backpack picnic basket, a new enchanted fairytale world hides! It might seem a small picnic backpack, but the riches it has inside are great! Open the picnic backpack and let the fairytale run wild, right there in the middle of city!

Just the two of you

In the golden grass, sharing secrets and wandering through dreams, the picnic backpack watches patiently how love appears! Taken out of the detachable cooler, the flawless taste of wine really makes you dream!

Fancy a tea party?

You could be in Central Park New York, but who says you can’t have an Alice in Wonderland tea party? Serving your needs perfectly, the portable picnic backpack sits quietly on your shoulder, letting you take it around the world!

Technical Specifications

  • COMPLETE INSULATED PICNIC BACKPACK SET: Contains EVERYTHING you are in need of: complete tableware set of 4, including Stainless Steel Cutlery with 2 butter/cheese knives, 4 Non Shatter Acrylic Glasses & EXTRA 4 Table Napkins, 4 Egg Holders, 1 Cheese Board and a PADDED Waterproof Fleece Blanket, Salt & Pepper Shakers, 1 Corkscrew Opener, Dirty Dish Bag and the HARD COVER Picnic Brochure

  • TOP QUALITY: Made from SUPER RESISTANT fabric, this Insulated Picnic Basket Backpack is sure to impress! Waterproof & stylish, the Picnic Backpack will last for many years to come! With these Stainless Steel Forks, Knives & Spoons, DISHWASHER SAFE Plates for ALL members, ELEGANT Table Napkins & a padded FLEECE Blanket, all family getaways are bound to be fantastic and memorable!

  • PERFECT GIFT FOR COUPLES: Just imagine how great the INSULATED Picnic Backpack Bag, with the complete tableware set, would look in the grass, in the golden light of the sun, between the young looks of two gorgeous lovers! With the wine bottle adequately kept in the Picnic Backpack Cooler and 2 Glasses just waiting to be filled, they are just starting their ADVENTURE! So, who would you buy it for?

  • CREATING MEMORIES: The Portable Picnic Backpack holds more than tableware. Fill it up with great memories! Make a few sandwiches, boiled eggs, freshly squeezed orange juice, vegetables, even fruits, place them all in the Picnic Backpack and find a magical corner on the beach! Spend that FAMILY DAY, the one you will remember, always and forever! And don’t stop at just one such memory! Keep on building!

  • PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT & BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: 5 year WARRANTY for your Picnic Backpack Bag. Because we trust the quality of our products, if something ever happens with your Insulated Picnic Backpack, WE WILL CHANGE IT immediately without any costs or efforts from your side!

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