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Up on the hills of Tuscany, the Rabbit Bottle Opener is letting aromas run wild

Dreams, expectations and hidden desires, all are sealed in a bottle of wine. They come out dancing, at first shy and then, strong, yet always delicate. BEST stay close to the fire or next to an awoken piano, or, even better on the top of a Tuscany hill and begin your adventure with the Kitchen Supreme Rabbit Bottle Opener, a trusted advisor.

The dance of grapes in the cups of kings

Wine, such an elegant drink, filled with personality… Wine has no friends or foes. Wine has a world all to itself. You need the right key to get in and that key is always the Rabbit Wine Opener. It releases wine, bringing it closer to your heart.

Strong grip, delicate escape

The Rabbit Bottle Opener, a strong, robust tool, presents you with a delicate drink, the everlasting, eternal wine. This wine bottle opener will lift the plug in a moment’s notice, giving aromas the chance to escape. The general of the set quickly calls upon his trusted captain, the drip ring to quickly catch the eager drops that ran away…

Encapsulating flavors in oxygen filled envelopes

Surrounded by its devoted partners, the Rabbit Bottle Opener wraps all wine flavors in the amazing aerator, providing the wine with the much needed oxygen to breathe and introduce its exquisite. With each easy, swift turn the Rabbit Bottle Opener unfolds, bit by bit, the world of wine, the fuel of an entire civilization.

The Rabbit Bottle Opener takes you on a journey into the depths of flavor!

Coming in a red or white cloak, wine is always an old acquaintance. Drop by drop, wine dances in the cold glass, waking up dreams and desires. Are you ready to hear all the incredible stories, to discover new adventures? With the Rabbit Bottle Opener as your trusted partner, nothing can ever go wrong.

On the way to your desires

This Rabbit Bottle Opener is like none other, because Kitchen Supreme has invested time and effort in keeping your pleasure indeed a true pleasure. Cordless and efficient, the Kitchen Supreme Rabbit Bottle Opener does its job perfectly. Being so easy to use, moving so incredibly elegant and smooth, the Kitchen Supreme Rabbit Wine Opener is an ideal choice.

On a journey of aromas

Between the Tuscany grapes

The sunbathed Tuscany welcomes the curious mind and mouth thirsty for wine in a journey amid long and never-ending vineyards... In a basket, hidden from the sun, rests the bottle wine opener, ready to begin the journey of flavors.

The Chianti dance, golden in the Tuscany sun

What a marvelous view the Rabbit Bottle Opener must have from his stand, looking towards the aerator, the drip ring and bottle plug, all looking to be in the company of Chianti.

Lavender fields, Provence dream

Each breeze of wind caresses you with a hint of lavender, while hiding behind great dreams that seem realities in the cold, flavored red wine. The Rabbit Bottle Opener has done its job perfectly, opening the doors to pure happiness.

Bordeaux, grand stories in wine glasses

One sip, one taste, one drop of Bordeaux and your adventure begins. With the Rabbit Wine Bottle Opener, tucked in your pocket, the world no longer seems difficult to conquer, not if you start in France.

Valencia, red in color, bold in heart

The Rabbit Wine Opener never loses strength! Spanish passion and courage, the wine opener releases the true flavor of Valencia. Imagine opening a bottle of red wine, with this beautifully designed rabbit corkscrew wine opener.

Sparkling noise of the Cava Spanish delight

When the rabbit bottle opener pierces the plug, powerful and firm, yet delicate, as wine deserves, the sparkling song of wine speaks in a language you understand, a language so familiar to your desires.

Technical Specifications

  • SUPERIOR & COMPLETE Rabbit Wine Opener Set: The Kitchen Supreme bundle has 1 ZINC ALLOY Rabbit Wine Opener with stand, exquisite design, 1 Bottle Plug, keeping wine fresh, 1 Wine aerator, 1 Drip Ring for preventing stains & 1 Foil Cutter, for a FLAWLESS bottle opening, plus an EXTRA Teflon Spiral and The Wine Bible & The Rabbit Bottle Opener Instructions, hard copies, all in an engraved wooden box.

  • GENUINE: This Rabbit Bottle Wine Opener will IMPRESS: With its IMPECCABLE, Unique design & COPPER plating, being a fabulous choice for elegant dinners, this Rabbit Ears Wine Opener is the PERFECT partner for any wine enthusiast. Made from high quality Zinc Alloy having perfectly finished clamps, this Rabbit Corkscrew Wine Opener surprises you through its design and ease of use. Plus, we will provide you with a helpful video on how to CORRECTLY use the Rabbit Bottle Opener.

  • DANCE OF AROMAS: This Rabbit Wine Opener is ready to release a bouquet of incredible, rich aromas. Pulling the plug, and driving it out of the bottle, strong, yet graceful, the flavors of the wine come dancing out. Placed on its stand, the Rabbit Ears Wine Opener will carefully watch over how, drop after drop, the wine slips into the glass and then start to spoil your sense with is amazing aroma.

  • IDEAL GIFT: What better way to SURPRISE your loved ones than by offering them the key to the select world of wine? Mother’s Day, Christmas, even Valentine’s Day, all are IDEAL occasions to offer someone you hold dear to your heart a wonderful gift. Beautifully packed, in an ENGRAVED Wooden box, this rabbit bottle opener will make a highly appreciated present and your gesture will certainly not pass unnoticed. Who would you buy it for?

  • PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT: 5 Years WARRANTY for your Rabbit Wine Bottle Opener. Kitchen Supreme is renowned for World Class customer service, thousands of happy customers and 100% Positive Seller Feedback on Amazon (over 7900 OUTSTANDING ratings). Because we trust the quality of our products, if something ever happens with your rabbit wine opener set, WE WILL CHANGE IT immediately without any costs from your side.

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